A passion for precision Nowadays furniture-making also uses avant garde technologies, modern materials and computer control. And yet real quality still needs an irreplaceable element: the human factor. Quality control Quality controls are a daily occurrence that involve all the manufacturing stages. Every element is carefully checked by expert personnel in order to eliminate imperfections. We pay a lot of attention to the quality of the raw materials and their compliance with European standards. For example, panels are assessed according to their resistance to a whole series of different external stress factors: they achieve the maximum value laid down by EN UNI standards with regard to resistance to stains, light and sudden changes in temperature. This is another guarantee of quality before passing with flying colours the most difficult test: daily use. Technology and Ecology All the companies in the Group pay attention to ecological problems. Within the production process, elements considered unsuitable during quality control are rejected and sent to specialists for recycling. The packing used is environmentally friendly, which means furnishing your home according to your life style and protecting nature. Precision in every detail Attention to detail is an endowment of those who have been in this sector for 50 years, just like the Doimo Group. All the elements of our furniture have extra thick edging glued at over 200°C, that eliminates sharp edges. This process not only makes safer furniture, but also protects it from humidity and eliminates the risk of the edging coming unstuck. The side panels stand on adjustable feet which allow excellent levelling also on uneven floors. The feet also keep the piece of furniture off the floor so that it is not affected by damp floor-cleaning. In a word, the Doimo Group knows how to make the beauty and practical features of furniture last through time, thanks to materials and production quality that reveal in every detail our special attention to your needs.



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Production of adults’ and children’s bedroom furniture, with maximum attention paid to quality. Part of the research into Doimo Cityline products is developed through careful market analysis and the continuous observation of the evolution of habits in society. This helps us to constantly make new suggestions for those who wish to furnish the space in their homes dedicated to teenagers and children in a modern functional style. Doimo Cityline cooperates actively with planners and designers in order to develop constant research into products and new manufacturing technologies. Doimo Cityline makes modular programmes that allow infinite compositions for teenagers’ and children’s bedrooms, comprising beds and cots, wardrobes, desks, and bed sets.