The origin of quality in your home Have you ever wondered how much your quality of life depends on that of your decor? Let's see the fundamental criteria on which the well-being, comfort and vitality of your domestic "habitat" are based. Furniture tailored to your needs Every house is a collection of different ambiences, situations and personalities united by a single strong need: a space in which to live in a way that is healthy, functional, elegant, and, why not, fun. This is why the design of every element in the decor is so important. It is at this stage that we establish all the necessary requisites to ensure maximum freedom in furnishing our home and the easiest, safest and most comfortable conditions of use. From living to sleeping quarters; from bedrooms for children to those for adults. All in a staggering 18 colours. In a nutshell, design will provide that sensation of well-being which distinguishes quality furniture at first glance. A sensation destined to last for a long time with Doimo Cityline solutions. Global Functionality Nowadays functionality does not stop at the simple use of a piece of furniture. To be practical the elements in a decor must first and foremost allow the best possible use of the space available - often limited. They must be simple and quick to assemble, and easy to keep clean. They must be designed to facilitate any future moves, alterations, repairs or replacements. Healthy materials As we all live in close contact with the furniture around us, it is essential that they protect not only our comfort, but also our health. Specific European standards apply to the subject and establish the health standards of the different materials which make up furniture items. In particular, the types of glue used must not exceed a given level of formaldehide emissions: in the case of Doimo Cityline, the level is one third of the limit fixed by law. Environmental friendliness The choices we make in our homes can also be positive for the environment. Preferring furniture made from recyclable materials brings together our need for comfort, duration and modernity and safeguards the most valuable "habitat" for all of us: Nature. Modularity and personalization Modularity is one of the fundamental concepts of contemporary decor: one element equals one function, a number of elements give rise to infinite combinations and solutions. This makes it possible to create real "architectural" decors, different and at the same time in tune with all our particular needs. Thanks to modern computerised design technologies Doimo Cityline modular units can also be made to measure, without forfeiting the quality and functions of items from normal production: this multiplies the prospects of personalization. The range of colours available is also an important variable. Doimo Cityline offers you a staggering 18 colours and 35 different fabrics: a huge choice that is continuously updated in order to provide pleasant original solutions in lively or subdued colours, to your own taste. Duration and resistance Because furnishing your home is an important investment, it must have durable features that can overcome the big little tests imposed by daily use. The use of extra thick shelves (40mm) is a case in point: in this case we are sure that shelves and desk tops will take the necessary weight without deforming or collapsing. The lack of joints on the rounded parts of fronts also guarantees maximum homogeneousness as well as colour and structural stability. A good sign of quality is the rounded edging on doors and drawers (a technological process known as pre-forming) which improves easthetics while minimizing the consequences of accidental knocks, for both the user and the furniture. Assembly Components When we examine the quality and functionality of an interior decor programme, we rarely consider the joints, shelf supports, plates, hinges and runners used on it. And yet these are fundamental components: on Doimo Cityline furniture they are pre-assembled to the units, making assembly in your home even easier, quicker and cleaner for the dealers' fitters. It will also be just as easy to dismantle the items, even a number of times over the years, to move them into another room or even move house, and this is due to the quality of the metal components and the stability through time guaranteed for all elements.



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Production of adults’ and children’s bedroom furniture, with maximum attention paid to quality. Part of the research into Doimo Cityline products is developed through careful market analysis and the continuous observation of the evolution of habits in society. This helps us to constantly make new suggestions for those who wish to furnish the space in their homes dedicated to teenagers and children in a modern functional style. Doimo Cityline cooperates actively with planners and designers in order to develop constant research into products and new manufacturing technologies. Doimo Cityline makes modular programmes that allow infinite compositions for teenagers’ and children’s bedrooms, comprising beds and cots, wardrobes, desks, and bed sets.