The Fiocco bed: nothing is more romantic, beautiful and unique! The charm of fashion also comes in the bedroom and designs the furniture with great style! The Fiocco upholstered bed has the cover completely removable, is available with the large and elegant storage box, or with the padded frame 10 cm height. In addition to the unique bow, the bed also has a nice pink mirror attached on the side of the headboard with the Barbie ™ logo in relief!



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Production of adults’ and children’s bedroom furniture, with maximum attention paid to quality. Part of the research into Doimo Cityline products is developed through careful market analysis and the continuous observation of the evolution of habits in society. This helps us to constantly make new suggestions for those who wish to furnish the space in their homes dedicated to teenagers and children in a modern functional style. Doimo Cityline cooperates actively with planners and designers in order to develop constant research into products and new manufacturing technologies. Doimo Cityline makes modular programmes that allow infinite compositions for teenagers’ and children’s bedrooms, comprising beds and cots, wardrobes, desks, and bed sets.