2009 Mickey Mouse in "Wizard of Mickey"


Campaign closed on 30-09-2009


After the success of the summer 2008 (Mickey and the Lord of the Rings), Disney and Doimo Cityline together again in a new initiative to the smallest: "A magical world in your bedroom." To glue the initiative one of the most successful sagas of Mickey: Wizard of Mickey. The new saga of WoM opens with a terrible event that upsets the entire world where the stories are set. Following this event the geography of the world of WoM is changed. Magic Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and goofy you bring then travel with a dangerous mission to draw a new map of their world, which was previously known to them, but now is completely unknown and full of unimaginable threats. From number 2802 on August 5, Mickey Mouse and 4 numbers you will invite all boys to finish reading the stories and editorials, the journey of our friends, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Goofy along the map reproduced on the navigating bridge. During the trip participants will gather clues and magical words to compose a final spell of incredible power, capable of opening a portal between the worlds of fantasy and reality. To win the prizes the boys must follow correctly the way collecting only items on the map just to recompose the spell. In addition, we will ask them to describe the way you prefer (a text, a drawing, a poem, ...) the world of fantasy that they imagine playing in their bedroom. Will be awarded, among all those who have reassembled correctly spell, jobs more beautiful and more creative. The first issue that Mickey has dedicated to the initiative, on the back of the instrument panel, appeared 4 nursery Doimo Cityline in tune with the 4 areas that friends Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and goofy should explore to find new friends, and enemies.




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