2008 - Doimo Cityline and Mickey Mouse, still together


Campaign closed on 06-08-2008


The relationship between Doimo Cityline and Mickey is happily established over the years with advertising and promotions that are regularly repeated.
And a sales promotion started on number 2475 on July 2th, 2008, drawing inspiration from the Beijing Olympics of next August. "Mickey and the Lord of the Rings" is the title of this great "saga", that will last a whole six weeks and whose prizes are up for grabs by Doimo Cityline: the first runner will have a bedroom while the second one a multimedia desktop.
In practice, the initiative, which surely will trigger interest in Doimo City and its bedrooms, is held in this way: Mickey is published every week on a "EnigmOlimpico Game", which - if it is resolved correctly - provide a keyword to be transcribed on a special board. Once you have collected the six mysterious words, they should be used to compose a song, a slogan, a poem or a song that expresses the spirit of the Olympics. The two winners will be chosen from those who have sent the most beautiful compositions, as determined by a jury that will meet by October 15th.
On the first issue that Mickey Mouse has dedicated to the initiative appeared five Doimo Cityline kid's bedrooms contained within the five Olympic rings, small rooms in tune with the colors of the circles themselves. Of the five bedrooms, which are part of the proposals presented by the newest at the Salone del Mobile in Milan last April, the winner will choose what he wants. The second award - reserved exclusively for members of the "Mickey Mouse Club" - will hand the already mentioned multimedia desk, which allows children to surf safely on the Internet, thanks to a built-in firewall that filters web content.




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