2006- Invent your own Doimo Cityline kid's bedroom with Mickey Mouse and Bibione...


Campaign closed on 30-04-2006


For the 2006 Doimo Cityline has already thought of you by makinf win the little ones with a drawing contest. This time collaborates with the mythical "MICKEY" (weekly magazine dedicated to smaller but with a careful eye even to bigger players) and Bibione, 8 km of beach amusements and nature-blue flag from ' 96 to ' 05. Participate in the contest is easy, just buy the following 3 issues of Mickey 2626 2627 2628,, dated 22 March cover respectively, 29 March-5 April 2006, follow the indications necessary to complete the drawing and you're done!!! Win a bedroom Cityline and 10 stays of 1 week for 4 persons in Bibione. And if you need to find inspiration you can go to one of the Outlets Cityline nearest you, consult the website or by calling toll-free overlay: Here you have the little rooms Doimo Cityline and a beautiful surprise by presenting the coupon that you find inside the special Toporoom. Download the contest rules, joining is easy ...




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Production of adults’ and children’s bedroom furniture, with maximum attention paid to quality. Part of the research into Doimo Cityline products is developed through careful market analysis and the continuous observation of the evolution of habits in society. This helps us to constantly make new suggestions for those who wish to furnish the space in their homes dedicated to teenagers and children in a modern functional style. Doimo Cityline cooperates actively with planners and designers in order to develop constant research into products and new manufacturing technologies. Doimo Cityline makes modular programmes that allow infinite compositions for teenagers’ and children’s bedrooms, comprising beds and cots, wardrobes, desks, and bed sets.